Monday, June 4, 2012

What Now?

Well tomorrow is the day I present this bad boy to my class.  I really did enjoy making this blog and I do hope it does aid someone in their quest to go to UC Irvine.  You can Google just about everything I wrote about, but I feel that with my blog, you get a more intimate, easy to understand step by step.

Every experience is unique from one another, but I hope my perspective has instilled a sense of a closer relationship.  I want to definitely keep this up in college if my studies don't hinder my free time.

Bonne Chance mon ami!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Housing Application

I just got the e-mail referring to the Housing Application that you have to fill out.

Here's a replay:

1. Go to your Housing Application Status
2. Fill out your preferences for rooms/roommates/halls/meal plan/etc.
3. Sign the contract that states you will do all it says, blah blah blah
4. Go back to the Housing Application Status Page and pay the hefty $350 fee that it takes to submit your application
5. Wait until they send you an answer, cause we love waiting.