Sunday, May 27, 2012

Middle Earth Vs. Mesa Court

So do you want to be a cool/geeky Middle Earth Kid or a Artistic/creative Mesa Court student?

Those are your two freshmen housing options for on-campus.  I'll give you facts first: (I got these tidbits from experience and friends/family who have or are going to UCI)

Middle Earth

- Named after the Lord of the Ring's series.  Enough said.
- Closer to campus
- More of a community
- If you're a math/science major, this is where most of the students who are majoring in those areas are housed.  You'll be closer to your classes as well
- Has the better selection of food between the two

Mesa Court
- New dorms = nicer dorms
- Slightly larger rooms
- More social (Has more activities going on)
- Houses more of the art/English majors (their buildings are closer)

This is UCI's Housing Facebook page, the link below provides pictures of both Mesa Court and Middle Earth!  Which one do you like better?

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