Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And Now We Wait

Finding out whether you have gotten in or not is one of the most nerve-wrecking events that I have ever been through.  I checked my UCI portal everyday to see if I was accepted or not.  There's nothing I can say that will make the waiting easier, just keep checking your portal (and your anxiety levels as well).

UCI's portal is terribly confusing and it took me a solid half and hour to figure out where to even find where they posted their decision (decisions usually come in mid to late March).

Picture demonstration time!

Here's the URL to sign into your UCI portal:
You'll need to make an account.

They will post their decision in the first "Welcome" tab, then press on "My Admissions Application".  If you have been accepted, you'll need to decided whether or not UCI is the school for you.  If you decide that Irvine is the right fit for you, here's the next step:

Accepting their Offer:

That link will take you here:

Once you sign in that link will take you here:

See how inefficient this is?  We should petition to make this an easier process.  It's already hard enough waiting, but to do this as well?!? Not cool.

On the otherhand...Congrats! :) Be prepared for a letter to come in congratulating you as well.  Frame it.  I did...well I want to...

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