Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's so Great About UCI?

Here are some of the many great qualities about UC Irvine (that aren't number based) that I thought made Irvine unique from other UC's:

1.  Their mascot is an anteater, awesome, right?  His name is Peter.
2.  One of the freshmen housing is named Middle Earth, you know, after the EPIC novel called LORD OF THE RINGS by J.K. Rowling.
3.  The campus is literally a giant circle.  You can't get lost!  There's no fancy grid, just a sidewalk that encircles the entire campus.  A gift to all you direction-challenged people out there.
4.  The architecture is very modern.  I was immediately drawn into all the angular-like buildings.  It's clean as well!
5.  A busy campus life-when I went to visit, it was during Thanksgiving break and there was still plenty to do around campus!  

That's my two-cent for the day!

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